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GIN KOOM 43% 70cl

1 bottle of Gin KOOM 70 cl – 43% vol



GIN KOOM WITH ARCHIBALD? in gin and tonic with Archibald Original



  • Philosophy:
    • Koom is an organic and French gin, offered in fully eco-responsible packaging and recyclable, to better respect the environment: the bottle is made of recycled glass, the cork is recycled , the sleeve in biosourced material, and the labels in recycled paper. After tasting, all of these elements are in turn recyclable.
  • Elaboration: ​​
    • This organic gin with citrus flavors and a delicately spicy note is obtained by infusing carefully selected fruits and herbs. Juniper berry, kumquat, orange blossom, bitter orange peel, raisin and Timut berry are the main ingredients of this unique recipe. After a slow maceration, Koom Gin is distilled in a Charentais still in order to extract the best aromas and organoleptic characteristics.


  • Tasting:
      • To the eye: Brilliant reflections are revealed in its lightly textured colour.
      • On the nose: Intensely fresh gin developing subtle aromas of citrus fruits and orange blossom mixed with fine peppery notes.
      • On the palate: An explosive palate where fruity notes of orange and kumquat are perfectly balanced with a slightly raised edge. The bitterness is delicate and well melted.
      • To be enjoyed neat with an ice cube or in cocktails.




Produced in France - Organic




GIN KOOM 43% 70cl

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