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Folle Envie & Archibald Box

1 bottle of Folle Envie 75cl - 11.2% alcohol + 1 bottle of Archibald Original 50cl

The gift version of the perfect kit for a fresh, 100% organic and French cocktail. A pretty box which contains the story of Zilda, the great-grandmother of the creator of Folle Envie and which underlines the importance of transmitting between generations. A raw kraft box from well-managed forests (FSC label) and printed in France with solvent-free inks


CRAZY DESIRE + ARCHIBALD: FOR A FRESH COCKTAIL AT 7 DEGREES, 100% FRENCH AND 100% ORGANIC:In a glass filled with ice cubes, add 2 volumes of Folle Envie for 1 volume of Archibald, 1 slice of lemon and for the eyes... 1 sprig of rosemary!



“Inspired by a recipe from my great-grandmother Zilda, Folle Envie was a drink for the customers of her grocery store on Saturdays. And 80 years later, in homage to Zilda, the one who loved life so much, I revived this fresh and organic aperitif with infusions of lemon peel and cardamom! »Estelle, creator of Folle Envie (and co-creator of the tonic Archibald;)

Folle Envie...?

  • Nose: fresh and fragrant (citrus), enhanced with peppery notes of cardamom
  • Taste: lively while remaining delicious, with a much less pronounced sweetness than most aperitifs. Remarkable balance between the freshness of citrus fruits and gourmet notes.
  • Finish: a good length despite the low alcohol content, still on the freshness and a fine herbaceous-spicy bitterness


Bio - Produced in France




Tonic produced by hand in our old distillery, Bio, French, Archibald is a blend of spring water and plant distillates that grow in France: so no quinine but gentian root and juniper berries. The result ?

  • a sweet and delicate bitterness, with herbaceous or even slightly rooty notes that arrives on the finish
  • very fine bubbles which make Archibald a more sparkling than effervescent tonic
  • a low sugar content that does not saturate the palate and makes it a thirst-quenching drink
  • very fresh, complex with a nice length in the mouth


Without quinine - Alcohol-free - Organic - Made in France - Recognized by the Culinary College of France

Folle Envie & Archibald Box

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