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Decroix Organic Gin 45% 70cl

1 bottle of Decroix organic gin 70cl - 45% vol



OWNER: David Mimoun

FRANCE - Charente


DECROIX GIN WITH ARCHIBALD? in gin tonic with Archibald Original




  • Philosophy :
    • David Mimoun created “Alcools VIVANT” in 2018 with the desire to “Make each sip a feast for the senses, an offering to the earth, a love song to life.”
    • David draws up a charter of commitments for all the alcohols produced: 100% organic products. To achieve this objective, VIVANT only uses raw materials of certified organic origin, carefully selected over the course of travels, encounters and discoveries.
    • On the manufacturing side, VIVANT stands out for the total absence of additives in its products: sugars, colorants, bleaches, food flavorings, texturizing agents, antioxidants and other color fixatives are strictly banned from manufacturing processes.
    • All VIVANT Alcohols produced by David are also subjected to systematic chemical control analyses. They are free of pesticide residues (contrary to popular belief, distillation is a process that concentrates certain chemical molecules used on the cereals or fruits at the base of production).



  • Elaboration:
    • At the origin of the project, an extraordinary Sichuan pepper tree planted on the Decroix farm more than twenty years ago. Its powerful and spontaneous aromatic berries give the base note to our gin.
    • We add coriander, caradamome, ginger, angelica, and of course juniper berries, native to our Montmorélien hillsides.
    • After maceration for 48 hours in organic wheat alcohol, the vegetable cocktail is distilled in a Stupfler® still, “Rolls-Royce of stills”.


  • Tasting:
    • To the eye: A crystalline color that may showbe a théger sail tolower templédeletion.
    • On the nose: Fresh and spicy with light noteseres and grassy. Ginger, coriander and Sichuan pepper combine to create a susefuland harmony.
    • On the palate: Alliance of freshness and intensity, lively and vibrant. He makes us travel in Charentes with a unique aromatic identity focused on plants and spices. Finish with a nice intensity.
    • Taste: Finesse. Sense. An aromatic imprint sufficiently marked not to lose its personality in gin and tonics or cocktails.



Organic - Produced in France



Decroix Organic Gin 45% 70cl

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